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Saline Valley Places New Vehicle In ServiceBrush / Support Unit Enhances Response

In October, the District placed a new vehicle into service. Designated 7438, the unit responds out of Station #3 on Old Highway 21. The unit will serve as the District’s brush unit for wildland fires and will also be utilized as a support unit. The unit is equipped to accept the District’s snow plow and salt spreader. It also carries a 65 gallon water tank and water pump, along with an assortment of hand tools and EMS equipment. The unit is a 4x4 Chevrolet one-ton chassis with a flatbed.


The unit has already responded to various alarms, including a 12 acre brush fire off of  West Four Ridge Road. This unit will also help firefighters reach hard to access areas and also be used during inclement weather.

SPRING FORWARD!Change Your Clocks - Change Your BatteriesDaylight Savings Begins March 8th

The Saline Valley Fire Protection District would like to remind everyone that Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, March 8th. It is important to remember to “Change your clocks, change your smoke and CO detector batteries.”


Items such as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are often overlooked until they chirp due to low batteries or sound due to an emergency. It is important to maintain these lifesaving pieces of equipment year round. This includes changing the batteries every six months and dusting them regularly.


The Firefighters of our District will come out and check your detectors or assist you in replacing the batteries if you are having trouble reaching them. As one of the services we offer, we strive to ensure our residents and visitors are safe. If you would like to make an appointment to have one of our members out, please contact the office at 636-343-9300.

Use Caution During Winter MonthsSafety Information: Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide, also known as CO, is called the “Invisible Killer” because it's a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas. More than 150 people in the Unites States die every year from accidental nonfire-related CO poisoning associated with consumer products, including generators. Other products include faulty, improperly-used or incorrectly-vented fuel-burning appliances such as furnaces, stoves, water heaters and fireplaces. Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission


Know the symptoms of CO poisoning

Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission

Because CO is odorless, colorless, and otherwise undetectable to the human senses, people may not know that they are being exposed. The initial symptoms of low to moderate CO poisoning are similar to the flu (but without the fever). They include:

· Headache

· Fatigue

· Shortness of breath

· Nausea

· Dizziness

High level CO poisoning results in progressively more severe symptoms, including:

· Mental confusion

· Vomiting

· Loss of muscular coordination

· Loss of consciousness

· Ultimately death


It is important to understand, that even if you have no fuel fired appliances, CO can still enter your home from your car or other machinery that could be operating too close to your home. If you have questions or concerns about CO in your home, please call the office at 636-343-9300 or if you think you may be experiencing a CO related emergency, call 911 and get out of the structure.